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Digital Skills for Healthcare Workers

Are you a healthcare professional looking to drive technology-enabled innovation? 

The newly revamped and updated Digital Skills Programme for 2023 is designed to help healthcare professionals gain in depth digital skills and engage with new pioneering technologies to enable improvements through digital innovation in healthcare. Learn essential digital skills to provide better services at lower costs, allowing allocation of more valuable time for patient treatment and reduction of administrative workload. 

Key benefits will include 

  1. Understanding emerging digital technologies to anticipate the impact on your own workplace. 
  2. Support innovations in digital healthcare to transform processes, structures and cultures and seize opportunities for impact.
  3. Measure the value and benefits of these technologies in patient care to improve health and care sectors. 


The modular structure of this program allows participants to choose an individual pathway to acquire the most relevant skills for them to drive digital innovations in healthcare. 

Core Modules include  

  • Health Economics 
  • Usability and user experience (UX) of medical devices 
  • Security of computerized systems in healthcare 

Optional Specialist Modules in  

  • Machine learning for precision medicine 
  • Integrated healthcare 
  • Leading the healthcare transformation 
  • Smart devices for healthcare professionals 
  • Essential skills for innovative healthcare 

For the first time we will be introducing an Access Course which is a fast-track route for those wanting to gain the skills, confidence and knowledge needed to study the Digital Skills Programme.