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MAA Alumni

Each year we receive significant applications to participate on our MAA Programme. Each year Innovators who apply to the Market Access Accelerator go through a rigorous selection process, including paper shortlisting and an interview with a mixed clinical/digital/business panel. We have to reject a lot of good companies because we keep the cohort small so we can give each one a significant amount of time and effort throughout the programme.

The companies selected to participate and the innovations they bring to market we believe have significant potential to transform the NHS as they develop into successful digital health businesses, and we have been delighted to have worked with them.

2022 Cohort 


EnrichMyCare is an AI-powered personal health and care pathway management platform that helps manage the needs of children and young people with disabilities and long-term conditions.


Googleminds provides healthcare professionals and students access to on-demand medical simulations, accessible across multiple devices from anywhere, anytime through immersive technology which allows medical scenarios to be recreated digitally, enabling better access to safe and realistic clinical training.


Lister aims to efficiently digitise the task-list process by harnessing a clinically led digital solution. It is a task management platform allowing NHS Clinicians to seamlessly manage, update and prioritise their clinical care tasks.

MindHealth AI

Mind Health AI take data from wearables, digital phenotypes and user inputs to create just-in time adaptive interventions to support people when they’re most at-risk of making a decision that might endanger their health, there main focus is to support people who want to change their relationship with alcohol.

Virtual Health Labs

Virtual Health Labs have developed automated conversational agents for physical activity, diet, weight loss, mental health, smoking and
hazardous drinking, to help people problem solve, and to better prepare patients for an upcoming appointment.


Digostics has developed a unique test kit for performing the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) conveniently at home, eliminating the problems with the clinic-based test.

For a list of companies from previous years, please download our MAA alumni brochure here.