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TheHill Approach

TheHill is an innovation catalyst, embedded within Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We empower innovation in health and care by supporting new approaches which seek to make the NHS more efficient and effective, empower staff and benefit patients.

We are at the centre of a broad and always growing network of NHS people who are passionate about digital innovation. We have a wealth of expertise in delivering regional and national programmes coupled with extensive support for entrepreneurs and innovators. We turn ideas into reality, creating a flourishing ecosystem where SMEs, entrepreneurs, innovators, clinicians and healthcare professionals thrive. We bring digital technology and new innovations to the NHS, by working with NHS Trusts, universities, digital developers, innovators and investors. Breakthrough innovation, which catalyses commercial and impactful technological solutions in healthcare, is our focus.

Our Approach

Working with adopters

Engaging with NHS colleagues is at the heart of what we do.
We work through collaboration and co-design to make sure that our people are empowered to put in place solutions that work for them, whether these are home grown ideas or the work of partners from outside of Oxford University Hospitals (OUH). We encourage colleagues at OUH to engage with digital innovation and inspire them to come up with their own solutions. We do this by providing opportunities for clinical teams to collaborate on improvement and development projects, by building capacity within the NHS to increase skills and understanding of digital technology, and through our championing of new innovations.

Connecting the ecosystem and stakeholders

We bring together patients, carers, nurses, doctors, allied healthcare professionals, designers, developers, researchers, business leaders, investors – and anyone with a passion for using new technologies and build the systems, partnerships and capacity to bridge the gap between digital innovation and ultimate patient benefit.

We work in Oxfordshire and across the Thames Valley with NHS Trusts, universities, digital developers, innovators and investors to promote and encourage commercial and impactful technological solutions to problems in health and care.

Supporting innovators

We support innovators (at both early and late stage) to develop their ideas, bring their digital technologies to market and interact with the NHS for the benefit of staff and patients.

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Statement

We are all different at TheHill, and so are you. We accept our role in promoting this difference and making the world a place where diversity and inclusion are commonplace, and where no one feels excluded.

TheHill is committed to a people-centred culture of:

  • Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Learning
  • Excellence

We strive continually to be better at providing a diverse and inclusive service and working towards an environment at TheHill and in the NHS where no one is excluded. We invite feedback and suggestions to this end.

We look to partner with and support innovations that not only actively address inequalities in access and quality, but also work to reduce and tackle unintentional discrimination in tech.