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2024 MAA Cohort

We are excited to welcome the following companies to our NHS Market Access Accelerator 2024. Find out more about them below and keep up-to-date on their progress in our MAA by visiting our LinkedIn page, following us on Twitter, or subscribing to our newsletter.


Careful is a clinical coordination app that improves the efficiency of patient flow, enables faster decisions, and saves hours of clinician time with digital communication, accountability, and task management. It gives users a real-time understanding of priorities and needs at the patient, team, and organisational level.

Our solution, Cogni.Dx, was established to give unbiased, early access to dementia diagnosis and care. We firmly believe in the aphorism that “80% of diagnoses can be made by history alone”.

Good You Asked

Good You Asked aims to be the largest repository of patient recovery journeys. We believe recovery should be predictable, trackable, and efficient. However, this is hindered by a lack of structured data on recoveries, absence of a computing engine to find optimal paths, and no active interface for insights.


We provide personalised diets and lifestyle support for osteoarthritis to help users feel less tired, stronger and reduce arthritis flare ups. Everything we do is grounded in science and the latest research in precision nutrition, osteoarthritis, metabolic profiling for clinical nutrition and inflammation.

On the Mend

Our mobile application acts as a digital interface, connecting patients and partners, including healthcare organisations and professionals. We will make healthcare delivery data-driven, saving time, improving outcomes, reducing environmental impact and episode-of-care costs across the lifespan.


Our mission is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of medical professionals, allowing them to focus on what matters most—patient care. With a strong foundation in both healthcare and technology, is poised to lead the way in developing intelligent tools that meet the evolving needs of hospitals and clinics.

Surgery AI

SurgeryAI is committed to simplifying the administrative and operational complexities that often result in scheduling errors, delays, and inefficient use of resources to create a better working environment for staff, and ultimately enhance the quality of care provided to patients.

TDR Aero

TDR Aero Ltd is a pioneering drone-based company at the forefront of unlocking complex drone operations and recognises the need to improve efficiency through drone utilisation around hospital environments and across hospital networks.

Torbay Charts

Torbay Charts have developed a practical patient centred decision aid that can be used during consultation and provides information in layers so that the users are not overwhelmed with information and can consume relevant information about different treatments that are appropriate to them.

Tycho Medlink

By combining Augmented Reality (AR) and real-world evidence in our easy-to-learn app, we deliver clinically proven, personalised brain exercises that help people regain cognition, problem-solving skills, attention span, and many more aspects of healthy brain function.