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Digital Ambassadors Profiles

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Dindo Timajo
Discharge Coordinator

I am a Discharge Coordinator in Urology Ward based in Churchill Hospital. I am the communication link between our Urology Ward to Patients, multidisciplinary team, Community Services and other departments related to the discharge processing.

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Christopher Lima
Cancer Manager, Corporate

Digital is the key to managing patients pathways efficiently, providing effective and valuable management information to facilitate improvements and to report accurate and complete data nationally. Improving digital will improve all of these aspects.”

I am New to the NHS and new to the OUH and have the responsibility of producing data required to monitor, report and improve the Trust’s Cancer performance I am keen to explore all I can to support and improve cancer patients’ pathways, outcomes and performance against national targets.

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Claire Whitworth
DivisionOxford Medical Illustration, Design

“I wanted to use my skills in user experience to further the ideas and innovations of those seeking to improve our healthcare through digital platforms. There is so much benefit to come through improving our experiences with digital platforms!”

I am a graphic designer for the Oxford Medical Illustration (OMI) department in the John Radcliffe. Alongside my team, I work for all of the OUH Trust’s Hospitals, designing both printed and digital materials. I design a range of artwork from bedside information and posters for staff and patients; strategy documents and infographics for staff; social media assets, email banners and digital artwork for our web team, and information, signage, maps, and illustrations for our patients. My background is in digital graphic design, illustration and UX and I am currently working on improving the UX for our patient information database. In my free time I am a printmaker and design original lino prints and illustrations.

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Debbie Stenson
Radiographer Advanced Practitioner Emergency Department, Clincal Support Services

“I am excited to have the opportunity to harness the potential of digital innovations to improve patient management and care, as well as supporting NHS colleagues.”

I am a reporting radiographer based in the Emergency Department with a keen interest in innovation to support and improve clinical practice and patient experience. My role, although predominately clinically based, allows me the opportunity to manage and influence working practice to reduce clinical risk to both our patients and staff.

Eleanor Wicks

Eleanor Wicks
Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Lead of the Inherited Cardiac Conditions Service, MRC

“A digital revolution is required to enhance the integration, interpretation and management of complex ‘big’ clinical, imaging and genomic data to better understand disease mechanisms and achieve improved clinical outcomes.”

I am the Clinical Lead of the Inherited Cardiac Conditions (ICC) service in Oxford with longstanding specialist interests in acquired and inherited conditions, genomics, heart failure (HF) and multimodality imaging. I am an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Oxford and I sit on the Council for the Association of Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions (AICC). I have a fiercely ambitious commitment to patient care and this has contributed to my work in the field of HF and heart muscle disease for which I have been widely recognised. I am committed to the translation of novel molecular, biological and clinical research approaches into clinical practice to transform care for families nationally. In my role as a digital innovation ambassador I hope to synergise the capabilities of my service and with collaborators pioneer a digital and technical revolution which with enable sustainable and substantial benefits for patients, my team and partners.


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Emily Lord
Consultant in Sexual Health – Specialist Medicine, MRC

“In the projects I’ve been involved in so far I have learnt the hard way as to ‘what not to do’ when trying to develop digital services. I would like to help others involved in similar projects and learn from people much wiser than myself!”

I am a consultant working in Sexual and Reproductive Health. I am the lead for digital medicine in our service and have been leading the digital innovation within our department. Within our speciality, even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a huge emphasis on offering online/remote services. My role as Lead for Digital Sexual health care was to design and develop a inclusive online ‘self-managed care service’. In order to achieve this, I led the design and development of a bespoke electronic patient care record (EPR). This needed to be entirely separate (for confidentiality) from the hospital EPR) – but still integrate with all the hospital laboratory systems. I also developed a new website that offers a ‘patient facing’ element to enable patients to: book appointments, request postal kit STI tests and request repeat contraception. At the height of the pandemic, we were able to launch our new online postal kit testing service, and this enabled us to continue to provide relevant patient care despite huge restrictions in face-to-face clinics. This feature has been vitally important as services have been restricted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Grant Vallance
Clinical Haematology, Information Manager, Clinical Haematology, SUWON

“I am totally committed to using digital innovations to deliver world-class solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our services for the benefit of our patients.”

I work in clinical informatics for the Department of Clinical Haematology; however, I am involved in various informatic/IT projects in the Oncology and Haematology Directorate and the SUWON Division. My background is eclectic. I have an undergraduate degree in molecular biology, a Masters in Bioethics, and a PhD in ethics and philosophy of science. I have worked as a clinical trial coordinator. I have lectured on medical/research ethics/clinical trial management for various universities. I currently lead a master’s module in clinical trial protocol preparation for the University of Oxford and I am co-leading a forthcoming master’s module on ethics and precision medicine. I am involved in various innovation communities in Oxford including the Hill and the Innovation Forum. Finally, I also have my own very small company specialising in providing open source informatic/IT solutions, mainly in the clinical research and clinical trial context within the NHS.


Jennifer Mearns

Jennifer Mearns
Digital Midwife, SUWON

“Digital maturity and innovation is high on the Maternity agenda, I want to see Oxford staff and the women we look after have the best digital experience possible.”

I am a Midwife working specifically in the digital arena, mostly focusing on the move to digital documentation but also looking at improving digital working in line with national and local strategic drivers to improve safety for women and their babies. My background is in community Midwifery and I found my passion for digital when trying to improve the working lives of Community Midwives who were unable to use digital records effectively whilst out at patient homes. I have been working at Oxford less than a year and have seen the desire and drive to improve our use of digital within Maternity and am very much looking forward to supporting this process.


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Leslie Aroca
Nursing Assistant: Trauma

“By using digital healthcare we can promote selfcare; manage long term conditions; promote early interventions and save clinicians time.”

I have been advocating for digital transformation since 2017 when I first joined the NHS in a role in a GP surgery in Primary Care. Since then, I have worked towards delivering virtual care for patients with long term conditions. In 2019 I joined the Trust and started working on a project to provide digital training to new nursing assistants. Although I am not a registered nurse in England, I have a qualification in nursing and previous clinical work experience. I also have a degree in communications and level 5 diploma in healthcare management here in the UK.


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Mary Lord
CPD Administrator Practice Development & Education, Nursing, Corporate

“Digital innovation has driven breath-taking service improvement, from diagnostics to administration, but to be successful technology must truly reflect the needs of the users. I committed to the vital importance of stakeholder consultation, and building sustainability of innovation through user buy-in.”

I have degrees in both Philosophy and Mathematical Sciences which have given me an enquiring mind and a passion for systematic processes and the proper use of data. I have recently gained PRINCE2 qualifications, and I have a good knowledge of QSIR methodolgy for improvements in healthcare settings. I have been responsible for testing and implementing new CPD funding software, including training and supporting clinical end-users. I am now playing a key role working alongside software developers to integrate staff CPD training opportunities and funding allocations with the new My Learning Hub system.


Neha Bharti

Neha Bharti
Anaemia Specialist Nurse

“Lets grow digitally together and this is my aim to join this programme. I want everyone to work fluently on the digital platform to achieve the digital success.”

I have almost five years of post-registration nursing experience and 7-8 years of teaching experience to adult students including nurses. I have worked as a nurse in India, Singapore and in UK Because of my dedication and passion of exploring and challenging next level positions, I worked as Falls Prevention Nurse and Anaemia Specialist Nurse. Currently, I am deputy sister on the orthopaedic short stay unit. I see Electronic Patient Records and digital innovation as part of the future for our trust and would like to have a key role in this development. My knowledge and experience as a nurse helps me bridge the gap in identifying the barriers in adoption of any innovation and planning best possible strategies while liaising closely with multidisciplinary team to improve and deliver excellence in clinical care.


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Nigel Parkin
Acting Service Information and Digital Lead: MRC

“Most things that we touch these days have a digital element to them, without it life would be very different, however digital innovation brings endless possibilities for improving lives.”

I have worked in Health Care since 2008 and have accumulated experience that covers Urgent and Emergency care, non-elective services and outpatient services. I have experience in conceptualisation to implementation of new services, systems, processes, transformation programmes and have effectively support digital transformation across these services. I have an in-depth knowledge of services, a practical approach that understands the limitations of the in service use of systems especially for operational functions. I am primarily a father and husband and in my spare time run a successful business with my wife. I enjoy the wilderness and outdoors and avidly camp, hike and love being in the outdoors, either in a canoe or on a motorcycle.

Praful Bhooma
Quality Improvement Assistant Project Manager, OUH QI team

“Digital innovation is the future and will enable us to improve and resolve many exisiting issues, processes and workforce efficiency and which will help improve the overall health care of the patients..”

I have worked in the NHS for almost 15 years in various roles and have always been passionate about improving healthcare and patient safety through the use of technology, given the potential to improve and modernise care, and provide solutions. Currently I work in the Data Information Office as an Information Coordinator and Analyst and will soon begin a new and exciting role as a Project Manager with the Transformation team. This is a great opportunity and I believe will be useful along with this role as an Ambassador for Digital Innovation.

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Raluca Candrea
Operational Support Practitioner Blood safety and Conservation Team, CSS

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking”. – William Butler Yeats.

I work as an Operational Support Practitioner for the Blood Safety and Conservation team within the OUH. I am a nurse with up to date registration and revalidation, and have an IT programmer background. I supervise and manage the software and hardware system for our team, working in close contact with the system supplier for Blood Safety. I am aware of the challenges of digitalisation of care from both patient’s safety and safety assurance and IT perspective.


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Robert Shaw
Infectious Diseases & Microbiology ST7 Registrar Infectious Disease/Microbiology, MRC & CSS

“I would like to aid in the development of systems and pathways that lead to more efficient work patterns and care delivery, reducing error and allowing more time to be spent on patient contact and clinical decision making.”

I am a Registrar in Infectious Diseases & Microbiology. I have a keen interest in setting up and using systems departmentally that allow for streamlining of work and allowing exploratory analysis of routinely collected healthcare data.

Rodrigo Ramiao
Assessor, Home Assessment Reablement Team (HART) Cardiac, Rehabilitation & Medicine, MRC

I have nearly 20 years experience in IT including app development, system administration, network management (LAN & WAN) and the training of co-workers and customers. I also have six years experience in mobile communications having been involved in supporting or developing projects involving mobile providers network modernisation & upgrades (GSM & UMTS) or new technologies implementation (LTE). Since December 2017 I have worked as a reablement support worker for the HART team where I am now an act in assessor. I have supported a number of colleagues with computer or smart phones issues, particularly email, e-learning and roster portals, mobile apps moving towards going paperless.

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Ruth Carter
Emergency Medicine doctor (ST5) previously Chief Registrar in Emergengy Medicine ED, MRC

I am an Emergency Medicine doctor with a strong interest in using data to support change and technology to facilitate clinical and team work within the healthcare setting. I have been involved in several large service improvement projects including the reconfiguring of Emergency Department flow and launch of MS Teams for ED internal communication and collaboration. In August I will rotate to Wexham Park Hospital as a part of my training programme where I hope to remain a digital enthusiast and supporter of positive change.

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Sarah Fletcher
Divisional Digital Project Lead SUWON 

“As a self-confessed massive geek, I love finding new digital innovations that I can use at home and at work to help make tasks easier and less labour intensive. I applied to be part of the Ambassadors program to not only engage in discussions on new innovations, but to also explore ways in which we can support staff with their digital confidence and hopefully encourage future Ambassadors.”

I have worked mainly in a non-clinical role in the Trust for almost 7 years, where I have experienced a variety of roles and interacted with a wide range of staff. I am able to express complicated, multi-stranded concepts in an accessible way to staff of all levels. I am passionate about using these skills not only to engage staff with digital transformations at an early stage, but also to empower them and build their confidence. This love of digital championing and innovation is also seen in my personal life. From helping to work out new methods allowing us to continue playing Dungeons and Dragons remotely throughout COVID; or embracing new technologies to turn our home into a smart, semi-automated house.


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Simon Knight
Senior clinical research fellow/Divisional medical informatics lead for SUWON Division/Consultant Transplant and Vascular Access surgeon Transplant, SUWON

I am an academic Consultant Transplant and Vascular Access surgeon, with an academic interest in clinical trials and evidence-based transplant surgery. I am also divisional medical informatics lead for SUWON division, and have a strong interest in healthcare technology and informatics.

Steven Turnbull

Simon Turnbull
PACS RIS Consultant PACS team, IM&T, Corporate

I have an interest in developing solution to radiology that will enable faster and more accurate diagnose for the patient and reduction in the workload put on the staff hopefully allowing them time to concentrate on the more interesting part of the job. I have particulate interest in AI/ML in radiology.

I have an interest in developing solutions to radiology that will enable faster and more accurate diagnose for the patient and reduction in the workload for staff hopefully, allowing them time to concentrate on the more interesting parts of their work. I have a particular interest in AI/ML in radiology. My background is in radiography and software development and I am the technical consultant for the OUH CRIS and PACS team.


Vikas Nethaji

Vikas Nethaji
Change Project Manager and Digital Lead Theatres, SUWON

“Digital innovation is very much the way forward in theatres to improve patient safety by improving access to documentation, managing resources and equipment, promoting efficient planning and monitoring in fast paced dynamic multidisciplinary teams.”

I am a keen and enthusiastic person always fond of learning and sharing learning through education. As a registered nurse teacher with clinical and academic background leading on various courses in the trust, I have now moved into a new role as project and digital lead in 2020. I look towards opportunities that can improve patient and staff experience as well as improving patient safety. Clinically, I have been a nurse since qualifying in 2008. I started practicing as Anaesthetics and Recovery practitioner in theatres across the theatre sites in OUH since 2013 and have practiced in ICU and medical wards in the past. In terms of my professional qualifications, I have completed MSc in Nursing leadership in 2011 and since then I have completed Post graduate certificate in higher professional education and various professional practice modules. Having attained my educational qualification in 2016, I moved into an education role delivering various perioperative courses in the trust whilst also expanding my clinical skills. I have a keen interest towards digital technology and have enabled departments to adapt electronic documentation and this is one of my goal in my current role to move towards paper free documentation in theatres.