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TheHill’s Summer Social Mixer Networking Event

Ready to change the world of healthcare?
Perhaps you have an idea about how to make your corner of it better?
Or maybe you want to be inspired to try? 


Come along to TheHill’s Summer Social Mixer Networking Event on the 7th.July.2022, 18:00 – 20:00, Cotswold Lodge Hotel, Oxford, OX2 6JP to meet other entrepreneurs and healthcare innovators, find out more about TheHill, our partners and and enjoy a drink with like-minded colleagues and new connections. 


Come and network with TheHill Oxford, a health and care digital transformation catalyst. We are helping people like you to implement digital technologies to improve the NHS for patients and staff – whether from inside or outside the health service. 


Book your seat here: 


About TheHill 

TheHill, Oxford is a health and care digital transformation catalyst, and is part of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH). 

We work with NHS Trusts, universities, digital developers, innovators and investors to promote and encourage commercial and impactful technological solutions to problems in health and care. We explore health innovation needs, identify solutions presented by entrepreneurs and bring the appropriate ones to market through our innovation pipeline. 

The innovations we support may be ideas internal to the NHS or the technology of external companies, but all of them seek to make the NHS more efficient and effective, empower staff and benefit patients. 


Our goals 

We aim to increase digital innovation adoption in the NHS to improve efficiency and effectiveness, thus empowering staff and benefitting patients. 

Our objectives 

  • Identify needs within OUH and match them with digital innovations. 
  • Build capacity, understanding and skills to enable NHS staff to engage and champion digital innovation. 
  • Support SMEs and individuals to understand the NHS better and bring their innovations to market. 
  • Connect people, systems and resources to encourage a thriving ecosystem that promotes partnership, investment and digital solutions for the benefit of all. 
  • Facilitate adoption of innovation into the Trust by designing and implementing an innovation pipeline process.