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Social Mixer: AI and Machine Learning Opportunities in Healthcare on 28 April @ 6pm

Our April mixer where we will be discussing AI and Machine Learning Opportunities in Healthcare is fast approaching and we are extremely excited to have Daniel Mullarkey, Medical Director of Skin Analytics, and a practicing NHS GP and Kevin Maynard, Director at the Institute for Ethical AI at Oxford Brookes University as our key discussants.

Secure your seat by signing up for the event on the link below:

About the Key Speakers:

Kevin Maynard is a Director at the Institute for Ethical AI at Oxford Brookes University.  The institute has to been set up to help organisations onboard AI and Data Analysis by gaining confidence in the quality, speed and cost of using these new tools.  The Institute has developed a number of unique tools: including an integration test bed service, and tools to speed and simplify the integration and decouple of cloud based IT services/microservice. Further, the institute has become a world leader in the analysis of risk in AI and Data Analysis systems.  Kevin leads the risk assessment team at the institute and his advice is regularly sought internationally regards the management of risk as part of the emerging standards for AI governance.

Daniel Mullarkey is a practicing GP with experience of designing, deploying and assessing digital & AI technologies in the healthcare setting. I’m certain that by working collaboratively with UX, product, data scientists, engineers and other non-clinical colleagues we can optimise patient experience and offer support & efficiency improvements to clinicians.