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Open API Bootcamp – Cross market integration for digital health

Are you developing a product in digital health that will need to integrate with other healthcare systems? Do you want exposure to multiple healthcare ecosystems in Europe? And would you like to elevate and enhance your entrepreneurial venture in a world leading innovation ecosystem? Then the Open API: Cross market integration for digital health Bootcamp is for you!

TheHill as part of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with Region Skane (Sweden) and Trinity College (Dublin) is offering a 6-week programme designed to support early stage start-ups and SME focused on digital health. This EIT Health funded initiative is aimed at tackling three key challenges facing start-ups offering digital solutions in the healthcare sector including customer acceptance, integration with existing technology and systems, and international expansion.

Project teams will benefit from direct exposure to the British and Swedish healthcare ecosystems, insights from the Irish system, and sessions geared to user-centred design and open-API design for generalisation, internationalisation and portability. Technical advice and real-world case studies from system providers within the industry will help teams develop their innovations to be compatible with existing systems across three different countries.
This is a unique opportunity to explore different parts of Europe and develop your project in a historical forefront for research and innovation and to contribute to shaping the future of digital health. This programme will offer you great prospects to scale up your business and gain access to different healthcare systems and markets across Europe.

Who is it for?
We are looking for entrepreneurial teams with mature needs-led digital healthcare innovation ideas that would interact with national healthcare systems. Each team should consist of a technical specialist and user-focused specialist.

How to apply?
Submit your application via EIT Health before June 15th. Applications will be reviewed and selected candidates invited to an interview panel. A more detailed timeline will be provided shortly.

What is the time commitment?
A technical specialist and user-focused specialist are required to attend the six-week bootcamp consisting of face-to-face training in Oxford and Lund and remote mentoring from experienced industry professionals.

The dates and locations of the face-to-face training are:
● 14th September to 18th September in Oxford, United Kingdom
● 5th October to 9th October in Lund, Sweden
● 19th October – 23rd October in Oxford, United Kingdom
The remote mentoring will take place in between the face-to-face sessions.

What is the cost?
The 6 week programme is entirely free to attend and teams will get a travel allowance to cover cost of travel and accommodation.

If you have questions or comments about the bootcamp, please contact our team.

Update 30 March 2020
TheHill’s purpose has always been to improve health and care using digital technology. We firmly believe that the best way to do this is through engaging and enabling the many talented people in our community. In this time of crisis, we remain committed to supporting and developing that community and the innovations that will make the NHS stronger and better.

For the long term sustainability and usefulness of new innovations, interoperability and integration with EPRs and other systems is essential. Our OpenAPI Bootcamp focuses specifically on this issue and offers the opportunity for technical deep dives with our expert partners. 

It is impossible to predict if the Bootcamps will be able to go ahead as planned in September and October. To mitigate this, we are putting together an alternative plan for online delivery of the content between 14 September and 23 October.

Applications will remain open for the current period as expected and we continue to seek strong new innovations from entrepreneurs interested in exploring interoperability with existing systems.

Latest updates
For all the latest updates on the programme please visit our dedicated Open API Bootcamp page.

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