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Congratulations to our 2023 MAA Graduates

On Thursday 23rd November 2023, we celebrated the graduation of our 2023 NHS Market Access Accelerator Programme cohort.

Over the past six months, companies on the programme have gained knowledge on different aspects of the NHS through a range of online and in-person sessions, ranging from NHS structures to market validation and understanding medical device regulations to clinical engagement with clinicians at Oxford University Hospitals.

Rowan Mould, Accelerator Manager, commented: “We’re thrilled to be marking the end of our Market Access Accelerator programme for 2023 and celebrating the success of this year’s cohort. We have had an impressive cohort of companies on the programme this year, all working to deliver significant benefit to patients and staff across the NHS. Working in a diverse range of NHS focus areas, from game-changing early-stage cancer detection to the next-generation of AI-based diagnostic support in cardiology, this group of companies has already seen success with several trials planned and underway. We’re proud to be a part of their journey so far and are looking forward to continuing working together as we drive the adoption of innovative digital technology in the NHS.”

Our 2023 NHS Market Access Accelerator graduates are:


Allos is an Oxford-backed startup building an explainable causal AI co-pilot for medical professionals. Causal AI reasons and makes decisions like humans. By analyzing data and identifying the cause-and-effect relationships between variables, Causal AI will help you find precise and actionable strategies to tackle extremely complex scenarios, but in a dynamic, transparent, and bias-free way.


Cardio-Phoenix specialises in the creation of advanced but accessible heart diagnostics. Its goal, a device that is familiar to users, contains game changing diagnostic capabilities that are more widely and easily accessible to healthcare providers and to patients.


LifeYear is a digital therapeutics company tackling the unmet clinical need for personalised cardiometabolic care at scale. By integrating clinical guidelines, behavioral science, real-time data and artificial intelligence, we provide both at-risk patients and clinicians with the tools they need to actively monitor, control, and even reverse cardiometabolic risk factors. Our aim is to reduce hospital admissions and alleviate the burden on healthcare systems by delaying the onset of heart disease and preventing adverse cardiac events across the population.


MyMynd’s digital health platform proactively identifies issues for early intervention and directs targeted support precisely where needed to strengthen resilience and wellbeing. The platform is based around a secure assessment using clinically validated tools.


Oxford Cancer Analytics (OXcan) is on a mission to drastically transform cancer early detection and management to impact billions of lives worldwide. The multidisciplinary team has invented DEcancer, a liquid biopsy blood test developed via cutting-edge proteomics and machine learning that can detect the deadliest cancers early, when they can still be cured.


Trewlink is a complete international medical graduate (IMG) recruitment and retention platform, that makes it easy for NHS Trusts to become ‘IMG Friendly’ and comply with the recently launched ‘Welcoming and Valuing International Medical Graduates’ guidance issued by the BMA, GMC and the NHS.


Frontline clinicians in NHS hospitals deserve better use of hospital medication data. High friction legacy systems work well for immediate treatment. They don’t provide intelligence about stewardship, safe medication usage or key operational challenges. There is clear evidence that medication errors cause patients harm but clinicians don’t have the right tools to manage the problem.

ZiO Health

ZiO Health is a VC-backed medical technology & digital health company that has developed proprietary pocket-sized technology, bringing lab testing to the point of use.