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Can you help our NMAHPs fulfil their ideas?

Our Start-Up Labs programme has kicked off and our Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHPs) are already working on ideas that could revolutionise the care they deliver to patients.

From VR based training solutions to reducing calls, ideas formed by our NMAHPS are listed below. We’re seeking companies who are working in the following areas to join them on the journey to bring their ideas to fruition.

Automated note taking and documentation tools.
Clinicians spend a lot of time creating documentation for patients, time which could be better used elsewhere. One team in the programme has an idea to create a note taking tool that picks up on key phrases and words, which would then automatically create the necessary documentation, saving valuable time.

Wound care for caesarean section births
Another team on the programme has identified that there is insufficient care for women post-caesarean birth in relation to wound care. Their idea is to create an app that would help mothers check their wounds at home and ensure they are healing well.

VR-based solution for nurse training
There are rare situations that nurses don’t always experience in their training, which can lead to difficulty in completing some duties when these arise in real working environments. The idea being developed by this team is to create simulations of these situations using VR to better equip nurses whilst training.

Automated communication tool for prescribing medication on wards
From the moment a doctor prescribes medication for a patient to the time it’s dispensed, there is often a delay, which has a wider impact when the pharmacy, along with medication needing to be dispensed after the pharmacy closes and transported urgently after hours. One proposed idea is to create a communication tool that ensures medications are delivered on time which results in reducing costs of after-hours couriers and improving patient outcomes.

Reducing the number of calls to maternity triage
Pregnant women often call maternity triage for any medical issue, even if not related to the pregnancy which affects the workload of maternity services. One solution this team has, is to create a tool that educates patients about when to contact triage or when to call 111.

Dashboard for understanding efficiency of clinical teams
Data is being collected around the efficiency of teams across hospitals, but currently there is no way of presenting and utilising the data effectively. The creation of a dashboard would resolve this issue, enabling easy reference points and the improvement of efficiency across teams.

Remote monitoring of oncology patients’ treatment
The oncology service has many patients, some of which are on long-term treatment plans. One solution being considered is to create a remote monitoring solution, to help keep track of patients progress at home, whilst alleviating the pressure on the oncology service.

If you have a digital innovation or are a company that could be the perfect solution for the above, please contact our Accelerator Manager, Rowan Mould, via [email protected] to find out more about joining the programme.