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Danielle Bird

Operations Manager 

Danii chatted to us about her interests, background and other things we wouldn’t know from working online with this super organised person.

What would we find you reading on a sun lounger on holiday

Time does seem to escape me! When I do manage to though, I love reading a good thriller or anything based on true events. If I’m on a holiday I will always reach for a “chick-lit”.

Tell us a bit about your background

I trained to be a primary school teacher, since then my career has taken me from managing drug and alcohol services to working in Children’s Social Services, a trade union and clinical research. I’ve always been in operational management and delivery and it’s been important to me that I work for companies or organisations with a vision and values that align with my own.

Are you a movie or series person?

These are my favourite movies:

First Wives Club – The most wholesome of any revenge story (and it stars Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn & Diane Keaton so can’t get a much better female cast)

Elf – Always makes me smile and definitely gets me into the Christmas spirit (only rule I have is you can’t watch before 1st December)

Do you have a favourite downtime hobby?

I love to bake: my biggest accomplishment was a five tiered cake for my parents’ wedding anniversary party, to serve over 100 people, my biggest failure was lavender shortbread, it tasted like dish soap as I’d been a bit heavy handed with the lavender!

Tell us a bit about what attracted you to working at TheHill?

It’s always been really important to me to work for organisations that benefit society. An ex-boss also worked in partnership with TheHill and was positive about the team, the work TheHill does and after reading the annual report I was sold (thankfully, Megan agreed that it was a good fit and hired me!)

What’s been the most important thing you’ve learned through the pandemic?

There is no such thing as having too much wine!!! I jest (somewhat).. I learnt the importance of community; although at times the WhatsApp messages got a bit heated in our neighbourhood, it was great to be part of a community.