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Are you an agency or individual offering any of the following skills?

Design and development:

  1. Development of digital prototypes and products for the healthcare industry;
  2. Compliance with relevant ISO and CE mark requirements;
  3. Product design including design of user interfaces.

Customer research:

  1. Focus groups and research with patients or healthcare staff;
  2. Market research, surveys and market analysis in the healthcare sector;
  3. Setting up clinical trials or service evaluations.

Business and finance advice:

  1. Advice on business plans, business models and viability of new product ideas;
  2. Reviewing of grant applications and advice on non-dilutive funding;
  3. Advice on angel investment and how to pitch for investment;
  4. Health economic evaluation as relates to the NHS.

TheHill offers a variety of support to start-ups and SMEs through the ERDF-funded Innovation Support for Business programme. We are looking for suppliers in the above areas to join our supplier agreement and provide support to the companies we’re working with. All contracts placed under this agreement will be of less than £5,000 in value.

If you’re interested in becoming a supplier, please contact us for more information and an application form.