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TheHill July 2022 Summer Social Mixer







What a fantastic evening! TheHill would like to thank you all for attending theHill Summer Social Mixer!

It was a great time to see everyone at the event enjoying network with the #digitalhealthcare community in Oxfordshire. Thanks to our CFO Jason Dorsett for spending time with us and speaking with our Programme Director at TheHill Megan Morys-Carter, about the importance of implementing new #digitaltechnologies in the #NHS and the part it can play in improving the NHS for patients and staff. We were also delighted to see some of you sharing the remarkable technologies you are working on to improve health and care with our like-minded connections.

We hope you enjoy the networking during the event, and we look forward to seeing you at our next social mixer on 29th of September!

Megan Morys-Carter David Walliker Danielle Bird Hellen Chabunya Adele Carvalho Ed Jaspers Katrina Chou Fred Kemp Luke FrenchDan SparrowAri Billig Jack Cato Amy K. Andrew Soltan Christie Brooks Emma Stratful Francis Hughes Henry Majed Steve Higgon Emmanuel Raptakis PhD, MBA Jo Barrow Lily Elsner Luke O’Byrne
Manoj Kumar Mihir Sheth Marion Rees Matthew Hillis Dr Myra Malik 🧩 Tony Kilbourn Rhiannon Lassiter Rishi Anand Ryan Palmer Sophie Brooks Thieab Aldossary Tim Anstiss Tristan Collins Samia Kazi Paul Sheridan Azize Naji Richard Hall Oenone Duroe

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