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TheHill celebrated the graduation of our Market Access Accelerator cohort of 2022

We were so proud to see our 2022 cohort graduate from the MAA on 30th November, it was an evening of mixed emotions; it provided us the opportunity to reflect and celebrate the successes of the companies and what they have achieved since joining the programme in May but sadness that this years programme has come to an end and we won’t beseeing/speaking with the companies on a fortnightly basis. Though as graduates they now move into our Alumniprogramme and so we are looking forward to continuing to support them over the coming years.  



Some notable quotes and feedback we received from our 2022 Cohort during their graduation: 

Tim Antiss, Virtual Health Labs 

  “Very pleased to have graduated from the Hill and its fantastic Market Access Accelerator for Digital Health Companies. If you are a digital health start-up, you should definitely check it out. Great programme, great people.

The programme has helped us immensely – both to become more ready to provide theory driven bespoke behaviour change solutions for health, as well as to become more ready for early stage investment


Saran Muthiah, EnrichMyCare  Founder/CEO 

Thank you for the opportunity to be chosen as one of the innovations that can make a huge impact to our health and care system & share the programme with such an exclusive cohort of companies with exciting innovations and have access to such an expert group of mentors sharing their personal experiences, insights and wisdom 


Oenone Duroe, Digostics

 of all accelerators we’ve been on, this one is hands down the best. It isn’t just a series of workshops, it is real engagement” 


Azize Naji , Goggleminds 

 “We are so grateful to have had the support and guidance of such an incredible team during our time on the TheHill MAA programme. Your dedication to our success and the success of the NHS is truly inspiring. Thank you for everything you have done for us and for the confidence you have placed in us. We are excited to take what we have learned and apply it to make a positive impact on training the current and future generation of healthcare professionals which will ultimately help improve patient care”  


TheHill MAA 2022 cohort:
Azize Naji, Goggleminds
Sophie Brooks, Lister
Saran Muthiah, EnrichMyCare
Tim Anstiss, Virtual Health Labs
Oenone Duroe, Hugo Tewson Digostics
David McLaughlan, Jo Barrow,  Mind Health AI

Information about TheHill MAA 2023 please see here: