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October social mixer

Join us at our October social mixer

Thursday 1 October 18:00-20:00 on Zoom

From our creation in 2016, social mixers have been an important part of TheHill’s offering to our community.

We bring together everyone with a passion for digital innovation in health and care. This includes small and medium enterprises developing new products, clinicians and hospital management staff using the latest digital technology and developing innovation pathways, and local and international partnerships working together on programmes and projects across the innovation ecosystem. Our network also includes digital developers, professional service providers, patients, carers, and investors.

Our October social mixer will take place over the video conferencing platform Zoom where we are looking forward to catching up with you and continuing to reinvent social sharing experiences in a virtual environment.

In order to participate you will need:

  • A copy of the free video conferencing system Zoom, which you can download here
  • A working web camera so we can see you
  • To use your real name (first name and lastname) in your profile settings so we can identify you
  • To register for our event in advance

What you can expect from our social mixer:

  • A list shared in advance of everyone who has registered to attend, with information about who they are and who they’d like to meet. (late registrations will be accepted but will not appear on the delegate list.)
  • A Zoom from 18:00 to 20:00 which you can dip in and out of to make sure you have the right amount of time for you to engage.
  • Short (5 minute) talks from speakers in our community
  • Social breakout rooms of 4-8 people making connections and sharing experiences, with a member of TheHill team included.
  • Drinks and canapes (please bring your own so we can enjoy some conviviality together)
  • Meet the delegates from our recent (and forthcoming) programmes: the NHS Market Access Accelerator and the Open API Bootcamp.
  • Meet clinical and hospital management staff who contributed to our recent project: TheHill’s OUH COVID-19 response report
  • The launch of our new Transformative Digital Skills for Healthcare programme
  • Demos of some online tools (dependent on demand)
  • Group coaching with specific TheHill team members (dependent on demand)

We’ll update you when we’ve confirmed our speakers for the event and found out some more about who you’d like to connect with.

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