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Past events

In an event co-hosted with AHSN, Oxford in September, we met with clinicians, healthcare professionals and experts-by-experience as they discussed the challenges and innovation needs in men's mental health. An audience of digital innovators were also invited to hear firsthand what these challenges are.   The one-and-a-half-hour discussion was the first in the two-part series. There was a facilitated discussion with the panel including a psychiatrist, clinical leads, third sector representatives, and five men with personal experience of the mental health system. The purpose of the workshop was to hear from those who know what it is like to be involved with mental healthcare (from both staff and patient perspectives) and to help companies understand where the needs for innovation lie. We focused on the current realities and what we might want for the future, to improve staff and patient experience, and to drive positive change through the most suitable digital innovation solutions.  The conversation highlighted the difficulties in identifying mental health problems as soon as possible, the importance of having safe places that allow people to talk about their emotions and being able to access the help you need at the right place, time, and manor. It included the need for those in this area of work to understand how well different systems work; digital, face to face, traditional, or new additional services, and what options are available for unique needs (these could include NHS treatment, digital apps, peer support groups, campaign, training).   It was emphasised that when engaging with men, it is crucial to recognise that this demographic is made up of a broad, non-homogenous spectrum of people, and to be able to speak to different men’s identities, to ensure you are where men need help, aspiring to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. Education about mental health is critical; specialist training is required to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary skills to provide appropriate diagnosis, and peer support training to ensure peers know how to listen, identify the need for professional intervention and provide help in the most appropriate way.   The second part of this initiative, where a selected group of companies will present their digital solutions to the clinicians and expert-by-experience panel will take place on Tuesday 12 October from 16.00 to 17.30.  We are specifically looking for innovators for this second workshop, with digital solutions that address the issues identified as important in the first session. In summary these are:  
  • Prevention 
  • Access 
  • Choice 
  • Training 
  • Communications  
  • Diversity.  
Solutions do not need to be targeted solely at men.  [Button title="Register interest" th_icon="link" link_url="" color="darkblue"] For more information: [Button title="Email Mirella" th_icon="envelope" link_url="[email protected]" color="darkblue"] [Button title="Email Sara" th_icon="envelope" link_url="[email protected]" color="darkblue"]