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TheHill: Bridgehead Catalyst

Over the past few weeks Stefania Schino, Grant Development Officer at TheHill has been working to establish connections with companies successfully accepted to the Bridgehead programme.

Bridgehead is an EIT Health funded initiative which matches start-up, validated businesses with vetted incubators and accelerators, to support them access international markets and ecosystems.

TheHill is delighted to be one of the selected catalysers for this programme as we work to identify and develop emerging innovations with the potential to transform care, and improve the lives of patients, carers and healthcare workers.

We have recently been matched with a Bridgehead company, as soon as agreements are finalised TheHill will be nurturing them through the journey to market in the UK and introducing them into our network within the Oxford ecosystem. In addition to other benefits, they will be given access to selected MAA 2021 sessions  through which they will gain exposure to the NHS environment and valuable information to working within this setting.

In addition, Stefania has identified and is building connections with a selection of other Bridgehead companies we believe we are would be well matched with and able to support successfully.

The matched companies benefit from the collaboration, gaining access to a practical route to market, and connection, through our local ecosystem, to a network difficult to establish on their own.

Read more about Stefania and her role at TheHill here.