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An exciting grant funding opportunity for digital health companies!

An exciting Grant Funding opportunity for digital health companies:

Advancing precision medicine 

Competition opens: Monday 16 January 2023

Competition closes: Wednesday 8 March 2023 11:00am


The competition will fund projects aiming to develop digital and data-enabled tools as well as multi-modal approaches for more accurate diagnosis and treatment stratification.


The aim of this competition is to award innovation projects that focus on novel digital and data-enabled tools to:

  • more accurately diagnose conditions and stratify patients to the most appropriate treatments
  • increase the application of integrated and multi-modal approaches to determine risk and diagnosis and to predict prognostic outcomes
  • Your proposal must demonstrate how it addresses an unmet clinical need or responds to NHS demand signalling.


  • Round 1: a focus on musculoskeletal and cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions excluding oncology (this round)
  • Round 2: a focus on oncology, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions.

Your project’s total costs must be between £500,000 and £1 million.


Our support

We offer our services to help you with:

  • Registration for the grantor portal
  • Full application or partial proposal and appendixes writing and upload
  • Financial costs definition and justification
  • Proposal review
  • Project development and partnerships


Why choose us?

We have an experienced and skilled team with a strong track record of successful applications.

We are embedded in Oxford University Hospitals FT, and we have a direct connection with clinicians and patient groups that can help you gather feedback to develop a strong workplan. We can also partner with you if appropriate and identify and bring clinical teams on board as contributors for projects.

We have great experience in supporting healthcare companies moving from early stage to market entrance and we can help you identify partners, overcome barriers, understand the regulatory and competitive landscape and develop high-level projects and proposals.

If interested in our services, please contact [email protected] by the 31st of January.