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TheHill offers support to digital innovations in health and care, with a particular focus on the following areas:
• Emergency Medicine;
• Home Sweet Home – quicker discharge, reduction in hospital attendance, monitoring at home, care in the community, integrated care
• Mental Health;
• COVID-19 response;
• Internet of Things – connected devices;
• NOTSSCN division – neuroscience, orthopaedics, trauma, specialist surgery, children and neonates;
• Sustainability – carbon reduction, energy efficiency, reduce and reuse.

Most of our support to start-ups is provided through our Accelerator and Bootcamp programmes, or via our clinical training programmes. If you have a start-up or an idea and would like to be notified of relevant opportunities to apply for our programmes or advice on other sources of support, please read the following information about eligibility and then fill out our registration form.


Companies or individuals should:

  1. Be developing an innovation for use in a healthcare setting, which has some digital component (this could be a piece of software or cloud-based system, a medical device with an app, a digitally-enabled process improvement or hardware with a software component);
  2. Be at one of the following stages of business:
    • Idea – A description of a potential product/service, including the target customer and what problem you solve for them.
    • Concept – A mock-up of a product/service with defined features, an idea of business model and evidence from user interviews that there is a problem to be addressed.
    • Prototype – A minimum viable product/service that addresses verified user needs with an agreed business model ready for more formal industry/clinical feedback, with a funding plan / pitch deck.
    • Beta – A pilot/trial ready product/service enhanced through user interviews with an understanding of the regulatory requirements and funding raised through grants or investment.
    • Validate – A market ready product/service with regulatory certification after a successful pilot/trial and investment/funding/sales income for the next 12 to 18 months.
    • Scale – A market ready product/service with a clear development pipeline and established customer base ready for market expansion.
  3. Be able to share a concise description of your innovation and the likely benefits to patients and/or the wider health service such as efficiency or quality gains;
  4. Have a clear idea of the type of assistance you need at this stage in their business, or be able to pick from the menu below.


  1. We cannot help individuals with pharmaceutical products or physical devices with no digital component (note if someone is proposing a digital innovation to go alongside an existing pharmaceutical or device, we could help);
  2. TheHill is not an alternative procurement route, and does not buy products, although our partners at the AHSN can provide expertise to support adoption

How we can help

We can provide the following types of advice through 1:1 discussion or small group workshops:

  • Clinician/nurse/allied health professional feedback on a prototype, at early and late stage
  • Approach to getting patient feedback or starting an early-stage trial
  • Advice on route to market, including key stakeholders and approach to marketing/sales
  • Advice on technical integration with IT systems at Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT and across the NHS
  • Connection to partners who can advise on evidence generation: health economic evaluations, regulation frameworks, clinical trials and service evaluations
  • Evaluation of your business model and how it might work within the NHS
  • Feedback on grant applications and proposals

We cannot help with:

  • Setting up and running evidence generation activities, e.g. clinical trials (we can connect you to partners who can help with this)
  • Writing of grant proposals (although we can advise on content, as above)
  • Intellectual property management
  • Selling your product or setting up sales meetings

Referral route

Contacts will be referred in the first instance to Marc Huglin, Operations Manager, with the information in the linked form. Marc will then refer you either directly to a member of the team for 1:1 support, or to one of our workshops if there is one coming up which is relevant. Participants can expect to get an initial one or one-and-a-half hour consultation / advice session (depending on the complexity of the problem), followed by additional contacts/introductions/advice/referrals as appropriate.

Now you have read the criteria, please fill out the registration form.