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Clinical Engagement

We encourage NHS staff to engage with digital innovation and inspire them to come up with their own solutions. We do this by building capacity within the NHS to increase skills and understanding of digital technology, and the adoption of new innovations.

The Clinical Engagement work we do aims to connect digital innovators across the OUH with information, skills, resources, opportunities and best practices. We are actively building a community of collaborative digital innovators to better understand digital technology needs, and find ambassadors to champion the solutions that address them.

Our key aims are to

• Create a positive culture of digital innovation and develop the digital skills of healthcare professionals
• Capture and record digital transformation needs within OUH
• Build a community of clinical champions to progress digital innovations and solutions
• Support the successful identification of digital solutions/technology to be championed through the innovation pipeline

Programme outcomes

• An understanding of clinical needs for digital innovation.
• An innovative staff that champions digital innovation, collaborates, and supports others through change.
• An increasingly motivated workforce inspired by doing things differently and using innovative practices.

We know that early engagement with, and listening to healthcare professionals (both non- and clinical) and patients is critical to understanding pathways, systems and solutions, and it is central to our approach. Developing and sharing case studies and what we learn means similar challenges across OUH can be addressed.

Clinical conversations

Engaging with clinicians helps us understand grass roots needs and clinical interest, so we can best identify which innovations to champion through the pipeline.

Our meet the clinician events offer a chance for clinicians and innovators to meet. In a duo of workshops, clinicians explain their needs and selected innovators pitch their solutions. 

Download our leaning briefs for an overview of the workshops and findings. 

Cancer Learning Brief

Men’s Mental Health Learning Brief