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Our programme will include ten modules, covering core areas of digitalisation in healthcare. Candidates will begin the programme with the overview and introduction modules and can then select the modules which are most applicable to their work. The learning will be structured to address three central needs.

To successfully lead a digital health strategy in your hospital you will need understanding of the economics of implementing digitalisation: cost savings and service improvements. You will also need understanding of the project management methodologies used to implement these programmes. We will equip you with the necessary tools to take on this leadership role.

There are many elements of digital transformation: new technology and new processes for using it. Healthcare professionals need to understand what changes may be proposed and make appropriate recommendations for how these can be implemented in their area.

Through our real world scenarios showing implementation across a range of specialities, you will be able to see what challenges lie along the way and how new technologies have been used to provide improved patient care.

List of modules

The program is composed of transversal skills, technology and management modules.

Transversal skills modules typically cover a broader, cross-thematic set of skills, necessary to understand and enable the digital transformation of healthcare. Technology modules focus on specific technology applications that have a direct impact on healthcare. Management modules are designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals with management responsibilities.

The modular structure allows participants to focus on individual learning paths and choose the most relevant skills to support the own learning journey. A combination of different modules is highly encouraged.

TDSH programme graphic
The full list of modules is provided below. Please follow the links (coming soon) for further detail on any individual module.

  • Introductory module
  • Essential skills for innovative healthcare
  • Leading the healthcare transformation
  • Smart devices for healthcare professionals
  • Security of computerised systems in healthcare
  • Usability and user experience (UX) of medical devices
  • Machine learning for precision medicine
  • Integrated healthcare
  • Health economics