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Mirella Lingwood

Digital Innovation Officer 

We asked Mirella to tell us some things about herself that gives us an understanding of who she is. 

My life is pretty busy. I’m a mom, and my day often starts at 5am with the swimming run as a mum taxi! Because of this, I rarely have any downtime, but if I do – I like to binge watch a good crime drama, or to curl up and be left alone to read. I also like Zumba. I’m a bit more of a dog than a cat person I would say, although I do like both. 

(What Mirella doesn’t say here, but we do know about her, is that she absolutely loves Christmas – and if you sit still long enough, she’s likely to wrap you in fairy lights!) 

What attracted you to working at TheHill? 

It was the balance of healthcare, innovation, start-up support and the combination of these objectives, that hooked me. I have always been innovative, wanting to make things work efficiently, and have been interested in digital skills (I really am an IT geek). I like to create practical solutions that translate into realistic, working processes, and the ethos of this team fits with this desire. I love project work, so working with companies in the pipeline is perfect for me. 

 I am a lover of organised things, but what I love the most, is to work with likeminded people! 

 What have you learned most from the pandemic? 

What have I learned from Covid? That I really want to do something meaningful and contribute to something important; that age old desire to do something for the greater good. I have also learned how important working with an innovative and supportive team is, that when I do, it makes me really happy. And finally, I’ve realised that working from home suits me well!