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Bonny Jennings

Bonny talks to us about her life and interests

Where do you live

I moved to Oxford a few months before the Pandemic. I grew up in South Africa so I’m still in ‘weather shock’ but loving the gorgeous city of Oxford. I aml privileged to be here.

Do you read, and if so, what are your favourite books?

I don’t think I can reduce this to a list that would fit in here; reading is something I love. Neal Stephenson is one of my favourite authors. I adore Ursula le Guin’s books, any magic reality, fantasy and anything really that is well written. Of course Tolkien, no need to elaborate there. And I love rereading my favourites, although it’s always a toss up, because that comes at the expense of time to read a new one!

What’s your best movie?

I think my best movie of all time is Captain Fantastic, which is a shockingly bad name for a movie – and should absolutely not be confused with Captain America! Saving Grace, and  Matthew Warchus’s Pride are also up there.

What’s your favourite downtime activity or hobby?

I love spending time creating art, painting, photography and writing, and I’m a printer. I once did a couple of huge mosaics for someone famous ;). Creating is probably more than a hobby for me, but I do struggle to find time for them. I enjoy gardening, and walking. I loved travelling BC!

Do you like animals and do you prefer a particular type of pet?

I’m mostly a cat person I would say, I don’t think I’ve ever had a time in my life when I haven’t had at least one; I have loved the dogs we’ve owned as well though, and I really miss having one since we came to the UK.

What attracted you to working at TheHill?

I’ve worked in Public Health for most of my career and as a long time owner of my own small business, I understand the challenges of being an entrepreneur. The opportunity to work at TheHill, to make a contribution to the NHS, and to use my skills to support the purpose and goals of TheHill is a really good fit for me. Also, I was looking to work with a team of like minded people, which I have – I’ve made good friends in my colleagues.

What’s been the most important thing you’ve learned through the pandemic?

What I’ve become most aware of during this difficult time is that the world is quite a large place. We’d all become used to the idea that an overnight flight could reunite us with our loved ones even if they’re half way around the world. Being divided from my parents, siblings nieces and nephews has been tough. Even harder though has been separation from my precious sons. My eldest is at university in the USA, another was halfway up a mountain in Nepal when the pandemic hit, and I was stuck for over two months in South Africa away from my husband and youngest son during the first Lockdown. This really brought home to me that there’s little else more important than the fact that we’re not individuals, but part of our community – I am because we are.