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Programme: Selling into the NHS – Tailored NHS Procurement and Sales Training Programme by TheHill

This is a flexible tailor-made course designed for tech-companies on how NHS organisations buy goods and services. Gain expert-level knowledge of NHS procurement with this comprehensive course that will deep dive into how to sell and supply goods and services into the NHS. The course provides 12 hours of content over 1 week alongside individual advice from our expert mentors. By the end of this unique tailor-made training delivered by TheHill, participants will gain a better understanding of NHS procurement rules and requirements, evidence needed, approaches to engagement and the ability to choose the best route to sales for the NHS. The course is run by a group of expert trainers including NHS procurement professionals and industry insiders with extensive experience in supplying goods and services to the NHS. Participants will leave with in-depth knowledge of selling into the NHS and a tailored action plan for their product.

Purpose for OUH (Procurement and TheHill)

Improved knowledge and delivery from SME partners in procurement exercises (leading to reduction in procurement staff effort required)

Improved sales for Accelerator and other partner companies (leading to equity benefits for OUH)

Income generation to fund innovation pipeline activities (specifically scouting for technology partners / due diligence on competitive landscape, and/or funding of pilot projects)

Benefits to participants

Understanding of procurement rules and requirements

Ability to choose the best route to sales for the NHS

Ultimate improvement in success rates for procurement exercises

Master Trainers are: Carl Hooper, Megan Morys-Carter, Jim Gabriel

Topics include:

  • Introduction to NHS money flows
  • NHS evidence requirements
  • Step-by-step guide to NHS procurement
  • Frameworks and compliant routes to procurement
  • Piloting as part of procurement
  • Managing stakeholders and the institutional sell
  • National and regional perspectives

Cost: £7,500

All sessions are held online so can be accessed from anywhere and if you can’t make a session or want to refer back to the material, recordings will also be made available.

Discounted places are available for alumni of TheHill’s programmes, and social enterprises or not-for-profit companies: please email to get more information.

Categories: Improving patient pathways